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Domestic Violence Crisis Services

Domestic Violence Affects Us All

Kelley's Rainbow Domestic Violence Shelter
Crisis Line: (256)891-0019
Alabama Crisis Line: 1(800)650-6522

Administrative Office
Albertville Office 256-891-9864
Albertville Fax 256-891-9865
Fort Payne Office 256-979-1202
P.O. Box 874
Albertville, AL 35950
Website: DVCSAL.org

What does Domestic Violence look like?

Is it the young woman in the nice suit you saw in the restaurant yesterday? How about the sad-looking older woman you saw this morning while you were at the grocery store, or maybe the nicely-dressed man who was looking so slowly at each melon?

Do you think it could be the woman you saw at the school playground with her two children? You remember thinking to yourself when you saw them how tired and stressed she looked and how very dirty the children looked. Could it be your doctor, dentist, pastor, or their partners?

STOP reading for a minute and look around. Who do you see?

Anyone you see could be a victim of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is violence that occurs between two people who know each other: husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, same-sex partners, adult relatives, and parents and their children. The violence can be physical injury, but also may be in the form of threats and intimidation, isolation, economic control, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse.

Domestic Violence is an equal-opportunity destroyer. It knows no boundaries. It occurs in all age groups, all nationalities, all religions, all education levels, and all economic groups.

Domestic Violence not only happens to the victim, it affects all members of the household and the broader community.

Domestic Violence leaves its horrible footprints on children, mothers, fathers, other relatives and friends. Domestic Violence erodes hope and destroys lives. It instills fear and a feeling of powerlessness. Left unchecked, it spreads to the next generation, and the cycle starts over again.

Warning signs of Domestic Violence

If you can say, "That sounds like my partner," you should be concerned!

Things you should know about Domestic Violence abusers

Things to say to a victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Project provides the following services:

Domestic Violence... Make It Stop

Kelley's Rainbow, a non-profit home, is close enough to provide you and your children shelter from this horrendous act. Contact any of our staff for information about the services available to you by this program.

Kelley's Rainbow
A Safe Haven
Restoring light and color to life after the storms of domestic violence